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Dominican fitness coach warns about the toxic habits to overcome

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Smoking and alcoholism continue to be seen as two of the main enemies or toxic habits that we have as a society. However, in recent decades a new rival has been quietly gaining ground around the world, sedentary lifestyle.

Jorge Paredes, an expert athletics and Fitness coach gives us a warning voice and shares data from the World Health Organization (WHO), where sedentary lifestyle is responsible for the death of 3.2 million people a year, equivalent to 6% of all deaths around the world.

Paredes affirms that inactivity has become one of the most important global public health problems, contributing to the emergence of devastating silent chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, among others.

“The Dominican Republic does not escape from this problem, where 70% of the people evaluated during the first National Day of Arterial Hypertension held by the Ministry of Public Health between May and June 2021 reported overweight or obesity, while 32.3 % are hypertensive and 12% have diabetes mellitus.

What can we do?

In a recent interview with the local health media, Jorge Paredes shared strategies to face a sedentary lifestyle, urging the population to undergo preventive medical evaluations and work in a the hand of their GPs and certified trainers”.

He explained that the best way to take control of our well-being and face inactivity is to include exercise as an integral part of our lifestyle, to carry out between 2 to 4 times a week physical activity outdoors; being in contact with nature, walking, jogging, running or cycling or doing the sport of your choice, starting gradually.

This will help you develop healthy and sustainable habits.

In the same way, he suggests eating in a balanced way with the guidance of a nutritionist or endocrinologist, following general guidelines such as good hydration, consumption of vegetables and fruits, avoiding the abuse of processed foods and high in salt, preservatives and saturated fats.

He recommends that when starting physical activity or any sport, it is advisable to have expert advice and a multidisciplinary team of professionals; to guide and supervise you so that you can reach your goals, avoid injuries and enjoy a healthier and more active life.

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