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Gonzalo Castillo denounces an “unfair” imprisonment

The former presidential candidate for the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) and one of the main parties involved in the alleged corruption network “Operation Squid” denounced that he is unjustly subjected to a process that distances him from his family. Still, he has faith that he will fight that battle.

“I am unjustly subjected to a process that distances me from my family and you, my people. But I am a man of faith. Faith in God, faith in my People, faith in Justice. I will fight this battle with the peace of mind that faith gives me,” Castillo said.

Castillo’s pronouncement was made through his Twitter account at noon yesterday. Supporters of the party demonstrated in front of the Ciudad Nueva Palace of Justice, where he has been detained since Sunday along with other PLD leaders and former officials.

Castillo indicated that he defends himself against the accused crimes, among which are bribery and illicit campaign financing on an unprecedented scale, money laundering, and embezzlement, among others, assuring that he is right and trusts in Justice and that he has “the truth.”

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“I defend myself, and I will defend myself. I am right, I trust Justice, and I have the truth. And with you, my family, and God, I will see a new dawn free and vindicated”, read another of his tweets.

Castillo also thanked his fellow party members “for the act of solidarity” since it encouraged him and made him understand that “his struggle has not been in vain, that it has served to improve the lives of others, and that they remember it.”

However, he asked for calm while requesting that public spaces such as the Palace of Justice be respected, so they do not have excuses for accusing them of breaking the peace.

“Our mood must reflect the serene certainty of our reason. I ask that today and always, the premises of Justice be respected. That they have no excuses to accuse us of breaking peace, the common treasure of Dominicans,” the former minister wrote.


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