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Former presidential security chief accused of heading a corruption ring

The former head of the security body of ex-president Danilo Medina, major General Adams Cáceres Silvestre, is accused of directing a network of corruption using “front people”, including the evangelical pastor Rossy Guzmán Sánchez and close affiliates.

In the search warrant authorized by the coordinating judge of the National District Investigation Courts, Kenya Romero indicates that the officer handled more than 3 billion pesos, but it is not specified whether the charges are for those resources or for the use of his position for illicit enrichment.

The Attorney General’s Office, however, accuses him of leading a corruption network and announced that he had seized million-dollar assets.

Among the assets identified as the property of official Cáceres Silvestre and managed by Pastor Guzmán Sánchez are the company Único Real State E Inversiones SRL, in which the nun and her son Tanner Antonio Flete Guzmán appear as the only shareholders. The company operates from the Colinas del Este Urbanization, a luxury project, where the cost of the plot amounts to more than RD $ 160 million, while the construction of the house has a value of one million dollars.

In the record, the Public Ministry establishes that major general Cáceres owns poultry farms and pig production with a millionaire investment in the Monte Plata province, which he cannot justify with his income as a military man.

Cáceres Silvestre is accused of hiding assets resulting from unjustified and illicit enrichment, through the front men Rafael Núñez de Aza, Raúl Alejandro Girón Jiménez, the pastor Guzmán Sánchez and her son Flete Guzmán, and of giving the appearance of legality to those properties.

According to the Public Ministry, the corruption network also used the companies Shalom Tierra de Paz, the Asociación Campesina Madre Tierra, Hacienda Kelman, Inverosa, CSNA Universo Empresarial, Raffis Drink Club, RMG Rapifarma, Rummy Restaurant & Lounge, Aldom Glass Alumimiun, Randa Internacional Company EIRL and Único Real State e Inversiones, for money laundering.

Offering for loans

Supposedly, Rossy Guzmán Sánchez carried out activities “of a social and charitable nature” through the NGO Iglesia Shalom Tierra de Paz, but did not report the income received from parishioners and donations.

According to the authorities’ document, the place was perfect to keep documents of the network, persecuted under the name “Operation Coral”.

Through the Unico Real State e Inversiones company, the pastor owned more than RD $ 100 million in real estate and administered more than RD $ 15 million in “informal” loans.

In addition, it used as a center of operations to give the appearance of legality to the assets obtained by the company CSNA Universo Empresarial, which it constituted, and Núñez de Aza and the official acted as partners.


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