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JetBlue apologizes and assures commitment

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JetBlue regretted and apologized for the inconvenience caused to passengers after explaining that the situation occurred due to the cancellation due to aircraft maintenance and that it is working on action plans to mitigate any future inconvenience for its customers in the Dominican Republic.

The US airline stressed that the priority remains to carry out a safe operation and offer a positive travel experience to its customers in the Dominican Republic.

“We reiterate that the Dominican Republic is a priority market for JetBlue and we continue to manage action plans to mitigate any inconvenience for our Dominican customers,” the airline explained in a statement.

They indicated that they understand the concerns and comments of customers and noted that both JetBlue and the entire travel industry have experienced unusual years and that this summer they have had a record passenger season while overcoming operational challenges.

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“We deeply regret and sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by our cancellation due to aircraft maintenance, as the safety of our customers is our priority,” JetBlue said.

The airline specified that it was founded on the principle of being a customer-focused organization and continues to be one of those goals and its main values.

He added that JetBlue continues to take steps to improve the operation, make the crew member experience better and less disruptive, and bring back the JetBlue travel experience everyone knows.

The airline explained that on Saturday, July 23rd, JetBlue flight 1938, scheduled from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (SDQ) to San Juan, Puerto Rico (SJU) was delayed two hours due to the delay in the arrival of the aircraft and the lack of gate availability at the Las Américas International Airport in Santo Domingo.

He indicated that the flight left without incident and arrived in San Juan at 6:01 pm local time. On Sunday, July 24, JetBlue Flight 537 serving SJU to SDQ was canceled due to aircraft maintenance.

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He explained that the clients on this flight, whose information we had in the system, were notified by email and telephone two hours before the departure of the flight. All customers were reaccommodated on other JetBlue flights in the coming days, offered the option to fly to Punta Cana subject to availability, provided transportation vouchers and/or accommodations at one of the hotels near the SJU airport. As the largest airline in the country, we continue to strengthen our commitment to the Dominican Republic.

“Since last year, we have taken the following steps to improve the customer experience in the Dominican Republic. We have strengthened our communication with customers during irregular operations so that they can receive frequent notifications, including boarding gate announcements every 15 minutes , to deliver the travel experience JetBlue is known for,” he explained.

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