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Thursday, July 28, 2022

Dominican government calls doctors to a dialogue

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The Government reported this Wednesday that the doors of the National Palace are open to the Dominican Medical College (CMD), so they understand that this union does not need to march to continue the dialogue with the current authorities.

This information was released through a statement issued by the spokesman and director of Strategy and Communication of the Presidency, Homero Figueroa.

In the statement, the authorities explain that the ability to dialogue is the main characteristic of this administration, and that they do so with all sectors, “but we have done so even more with representatives of the health sector.”

“The access of the representatives of the Dominican Medical College to the National Palace has been permanent. Precisely yesterday, Tuesday, July 26, was the most recent meeting between Senén Caba, president of the CMD; Daniel Rivera, Minister of Public Health; Mario Lama, director executive of the National Health Service, and Raquel Peña, Vice President of the Republic,” the document explains.

He specifies that in that meeting it was agreed to work on the demands, “because the Government agrees on the issues and also on receiving them again today to continue the conversation.”

In the information, the Government confirmed that there is no contradiction between what the doctors ask for and what the authorities are willing to grant.

“The doors of the National Palace have been open for these two years and will continue to be open. The Dominican Medical Association does not need to leave to continue the dialogue with the current authorities,” the information states.

They maintain that the current administration took office in the midst of a pandemic and that from day one the priority was to guarantee the health of the Dominican people.

Also, that the only way to achieve it was by supporting the health sector with resources, management and attention. “We did it, and thus we emerged victorious from the greatest health crisis in our history”

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