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Lawyer recommends Jean Alain Rodriguez to make a deal

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Regarding the Medusa case file, which exceeds twelve thousand pages, Jottin Cury said that he has seen part of it and that he has also read what has come out in the press and assured that the evidence contemplated by the Public Ministry is very convincing.

“It is a very unfortunate case… and there is not much to talk about there because the evidence is very strong; It is a very solid file and new aspects emerge every day and I have privately thought that, perhaps, he (former attorney Jean Alain Rodríguez) would be better off negotiating as others have done and as his right-hand man did,” said the lawyer in the Reseñas program, hosted by journalists Ramón Núñez and Adelaida Martínez.

He called for them not to be limited only to the former attorney, because he understands that there are also others involved within the government hierarchy who managed larger funds than those he managed and that the public rumor also indicates that they were illicitly enriched.

“But, at some point it had to start and it started there and I reiterate, the file is very solid and very forceful. Now what they would have is to submit to the action of justice and continue investigating other cases that will surely appear because there are many who have not been called in relation to other cases that are out there… people who accumulated enormous fortunes during those eight years of the past government”, he stated and assured that there will be a conviction.

He said that if you don’t start at some point, as with the domain forfeiture law, the State will simply disappear, it will collapse, because everything is until one day.

Finally, when questioned about whether or not the Constitution should be changed to reform it, he said that if it is due to the aspect of the MP’s independence, it would not make sense because this entity is.

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