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Santo Domingo
Friday, July 22, 2022

Dominican government stops entry of public employees

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The Ministry of Public Administration (MAP) and the General Directorate of the Budget (DIGEPRES), issued circular DGP-SAL-2022-00183, dated July 20, 2022, which restricts the entry or movement of personnel and salary readjustments that represent increases in the line of remuneration in the institutions that make up the public administration.

The decision was taken as part of the measures adopted to rationalize public spending.

“The MAP and the DIGEPRES, in their capacity as governing bodies of the civil service and of the budget system, are kind enough to inform you that from this date the procedures for personnel income or movement are restricted, as well as salary readjustments that imply increases in the line of remunerations for the remainder of this year, and therefore that have an impact in the 2023 period, except for those entities or bodies that, by their nature, merit it, and that have the proper authorization from both the MAP and the the DIGEPRES”, indicates the circular signed by the Minister of Public Administration, Darío Castillo Lugo, and the General Director of the Budget, José Rijo Presbot.

The provision is established in compliance with the guidelines for the Formulation of the Institutional Preliminary Projects for the 2023 Budget, sent through Circular 011-22, of July 14, 2022, of the DIGEPRES, in accordance with the budgetary policies approved in the Council. of Ministers, dated July 8 of the current year.

The document is addressed to Ministers, Comptroller General of the Republic, legal advisor to the Executive Branch, national and general directors, administrators and deputy administrators, managers and deputy managers of the Central Government, Non-Financial Autonomous and Decentralized Organizations and Social Security Institutions.

“This circular enters into force as of its circulation, so any request in this regard, made after it, will be without effect,” the document states.

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