John Maxwell and his team inspire transformation in the Dominican Republic

LocalJohn Maxwell and his team inspire transformation in the Dominican Republic

The American writer and speaker John C. Maxwell will give a free virtual conference for the Dominican public next Friday, May 13th, as part of an event organized by Dominicana se Transforma, an ally of the Maxwell Leadership Foundation.

The three-hour experience, titled Avanza and scheduled for 7:00 p.m., will also feature the intervention of Juan Vereecken, president of Maxwell Leadership Español, and Franklin Limardo, executive director of Dominicana se Transforma.

Avanza offers participants “the possibility of being inspired to change this country,” says Limardo, a Venezuelan who has lived in the Dominican Republic for about two years and who expresses his desire to contribute to the improvement of the land that has welcomed him together. with his family.

For this reason, it invites all people who wish to enhance their inner growth or who want to meet Maxwell to register on the portal to participate in the activity.

The organization promises a night of training, testimonials, information, answers, inspiration, leadership, live music and prizes.

In the same week as the conference, from Thursday May 12 to Saturday May 14, a group of 50 coaches from the Maxwell Leadership Foundation, led by Maxwell himself, will meet on Dominican soil for a series of trainings in different organizations.

The goal is for the attendees to later become facilitators of the Transformation Tables, the main program developed by Dominicana se Transforma.

The Transformation Tables use two-way communication to promote, over twelve weeks, a list of ten values: commitment, self-esteem, responsibility, positive attitude, forgiveness, initiative, listening, integrity, limits and passion.

After conducting surveys, interviews and focus groups in all the provinces of the country, the institution chose these values ​​from a group of 25 proposed by the Maxwell Leadership Foundation.

Nearly 24,000 people received training in November 2021 to become facilitators of the Transformation Tables.

Organizations (public or private, large or small) have time to enroll in the training scheduled for this May and join this effort that aims, through training in values ​​and leadership, to transform the Dominican Republic “one person at a time.” ”.

“When the culture, when the work environment improves, productivity improves, people improve, the community improves,” Limardo expresses as a way of motivating the executives of the country’s organizations.

Dominicana se Transforma seeks to promote the transformation of the country through leadership in values.

Why the Dominican Republic? According to its director, Franklin Limardo, because this land is open to change.

“When you want to sow,” he says, “you do it on fertile land.”

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