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Director of Migration says the Dominican Republic continues deportations

The general director of Migration, Venancio Alcántara, said that he will not give in to any international pressure regarding deportations of illegal alliens carried out by the Dominican Republic, mostly Haitian.

«We do not give in to any pressure; we act in accordance with the law,” Alcántara told reporters during a visit to the center where foreigners who will be repatriated are screened and dispatched.

Alcántara warned that the interdiction operations will continue, but they may decrease due to the Christmas and New Year dates to give Migration employees the opportunity to share the holidays with their families.

The Dominican authorities have respected human rights, despite false claims and criticism for it supposed “bad treatment” during operations and repatriation processes.

For this, the General Directorate of Migration reported that it adapted the physical facilities of the Haina Vacation Reception Center, but today the director Venancio Alcántara reported that foreigners have broken the keys to the showers and toilets.

“I don’t know what we can do because we have to treat them humanely. We can’t mistreat him. They are there as they want and do what they want. Luckily we only lasted here with them for two days, one day, while they are being processed», he said.

At least six vehicles left the Haina Vacation Reception Center with Haitian immigrants who are being taken to the border to be repatriated to Haiti. According to the Director of Migration, 314 people were dispatched from that point.

Denies repatriation to people with documents

Venancio Alcántara denied that the General Directorate of Migration (DGM) is repatriating foreigners who have documents. The official explained that only people who do not carry valid documentation or are traveling without documents are detained.

In the case of those who are in the process of regularizing their immigration status, they are also taken to the Haina Vacation Reception Center to verify in the system that they are really waiting.

“Haitians are specialists in counterfeiting… We do not dispatch anyone who has legal papers in this country,” he said.


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