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Vice President ensures percentage of COVID infections is minimal

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The Vice President of the Republic, Raquel Peña, assured that currently the percentage of infections and people who have had to be hospitalized for COVID-19 is minimal and reminded citizens who have not completed their vaccination schedule to go and finish it to avoid complications with the illness.

“The real situation of COVID is that the percentage of hospitalizations is minimal. Each one of us as individuals is responsible for taking care of ourselves and that is why we remind all citizens to complete their vaccination schedule, because it has been shown that those who have their vaccines can still be infected, it gives them in a simple way, ”said the deputy president. .

The official assured that there are currently about 500 vaccination centers throughout the country, which means that near each Dominican there is a center with vaccines and qualified personnel to inoculate citizens.

“The people who need to wear their mask, if there are many people in the place where they are, they must do so, but above all what we want is for them to go to the centers and finish that vaccination scheme,” the vice president pointed out.

National Prayer Breakfast

During her participation in the National Prayer Breakfast, the vice president expressed that “the president and all those who accompany us in this government to give our best we have to be accompanied by God, and in this way we can achieve progress, so that each Dominican can receive a Dominican Republic of which they feel more proud every day and have better conditions of life in equality”.

She called on the population to continue praying, after considering that this is the most powerful tool that is accompanying the current government headed by President Luis Abinader.

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