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Dominican Constitutional Court rejects US embassy statement

The president of the Constitutional Court, Milton Ray Guevara, described as a grievance for the Dominican Republic the statement issued by the United States Embassy in the country regarding the treatment of foreigners.

“It was a mistake by North American diplomacy (…) There is no need for such a grievance, which endangers the tourist development of the Dominican Republic,” he said.

The US embassy expressed its concern last Saturday about the “unequal treatment” based on their skin color, which Americans traveling to the Dominican Republic have received from local immigration authorities.

“That is a fallacy and a truly unnecessary aggression,” said Ray Guevera when interviewed on the El Despertador program, a television space that is broadcast daily by Color Visión, channel 9.

The head of the Constitutional Court also took advantage of the scenario and congratulated the Dominican Foreign Ministry for issuing, in his opinion, a statement of defense “at the height of the circumstances.”

And it is that, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Mirex), did not take long to react to the statement from the US embassy, ​​stating that it is “manifestly unfounded, extemporaneous and unhappy.”


Likewise, the president of the TC defended sentence 168, considering it “the most valuable that the court has handed down.” This 2013 ordinance established that the children of illegal immigrants do not have Dominican nationality.

“This is the most valuable sentence that the Constitutional Court has issued, what that sentence does is confirm the profiles of Dominican nationality, it also confirms everything that has been the tradition of the jurisprudence of the Court of Cassation of the Dominican Republic since the year 1929, because since that time it is clearly stated in the Dominican Constitution that the children of foreigners born in transit do not acquire Dominican nationality”, he explained.

Likewise, he reiterated that the right of Dominican nationality rests on two principles, the Right of Blood and the Right of Land and that in the ordinance there is no type of statelessness.

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