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Rainieri says the DR seeks other markets to compensate Russian and Ukrainian tourists

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The vice president of the Puntacana Group, Paola Rainieri, considered that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine affects the tourism sector, but that together with the government they will be looking for other markets to recover approximately 10% of the arrivals that come from those markets in war.

“We are going to wait because what is happening in Ukraine affects us, there is 10% of tourist arrivals that are going to be greatly affected by this conflict, but we trust and hope, between the private and public sectors, work other markets such as Canada, South America to recover those arrivals and maintain the good numbers we have had so far”, said Rainieri.

She stated that extraordinary work has been done by the National Association of Hotels and Tourism (Asonahares) and the Ministry of Tourism and that the results are already visible, because the numbers that have been presented are comparable to those of the years 2017 and 2018 , which were the best in terms of tourism for the country.

“We are in a clear recovery and perhaps on the way to the best year of tourism”, she added.

Rainieri referred to the issue after concluding a conference at the headquarters of the National Institute for Professional Technical Training (Infotep) entitled “Women’s Work in the Development of the Tourism and Hotel Industry.”

She said that, according to the latest global report on women in tourism, 54% of the people who work in the sector belong to the female gender and instead, women occupy only 39 percent of the positions in the whole of the economy.

Rainieri pointed out that in tourism, women have a lower salary gap, compared to other sectors. They earn 14.7% less than men worldwide, which she said does not happen in the Puntacana Group, where salaries are classified by position or function, not by gender.

“Women are present in all areas of tourism and increase their added value. She also has a significant presence in hotel and tourism faculties and schools”, highlighted the speaker at the conference “Importance of Women’s Work in the Development of the Tourism and Hotel Industry”.

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