Juan Luis Guerra celebrates his birthday at the NBA Finals

SportsJuan Luis Guerra celebrates his birthday at the NBA Finals

With a photograph uploaded to his Instagram stories where he is seen smiling, while enjoying the third game of the NBA finals between Boston Celtic and Golden State Warriors, the veteran Dominican artist Juan Luis Guerra, celebrated twice: the victory of his favorite basketball team and his 65th birthday, which occurred a day earlier.

He was a special guest of athlete Al Horford, husband of his niece-in-law Amelia Vega, who became the first Dominican to play in a National Basketball Association final, in the game where the Boston Celtics were victorious against the Warriors 116-100.

The singer-songwriter was in the front row with his wife, Nora Vega, and his daughter, Paulina Guerra Vega, wearing a jacket with #42 stamped on it, the number on the Horford shirt.

Amelia Vega hasn’t stopped celebrating the victory of the Boston Celtics, a team that secured their ticket to the final to face the Golden State Warriors. This, for one reason in particular: her husband, Al Horford, is playing, who collaborated with 5 points, grabbed 14 rebounds, stole two balls and distributed three assists in 44 minutes.

With this triumph the husband and father of the four children of Miss Universe 2003.

“Glory to God, glory to God,” Vega expressed accompanied by Ean, Alía, Ava and Nova, her offspring.

Horford expressed his enormous emotion and highlighted the support that he has received from all his compatriots.

“Let’s this be heard in the DR. This is a celebration,” he said in Spanish to the media at the end of the game against the Miami Heat.

“I am very grateful and very excited. We are here in Miami, very close to the Dominican Republic. I know that my family is happy and that the whole country was watching the game. They sent me photos, they were prepared for this,” he added in English.

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