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Yubelkis Peralta knocked unconcious in Punta Cana hotel room

The downpours that fell in the Dominican Republic even entered hotel rooms and in one of them in Punta Cana the television presenter Yubelkis Peralta slipped, suffering a severe blow that sent her to a hospital.

She told it herself: “Last night I got up at 3:00 a.m. to go to the bathroom and the room surprised me full of water and I slipped, hitting me very hard on the head, which left me half unconscious for a few seconds and then with a lot of pain and a little bleeding”.

She then added: “At the hotel they immediately sent a doctor to my room and then they took me by ambulance to do the site studies to rule out any trauma.”

The communicator reported that “in the ambulance they were making jokes to keep me awake and constantly monitor me, it is very important in situations like these not to leave it for tomorrow.”

Peralta woke up this Saturday with a neck brace, but she is fine.

“I swelled up in the process, but all went well… I’ll wear my neck for a few days to assess everything that happened to my neck and spine.”

Heavy rains

On November 4th, in a matter of hours more rain fell in Greater Santo Domingo than half of an entire rainy month, which collapsed the transit in the city, according to the measurements of the central station of the National Directorate of Meteorology.

In those three hours, 70 millimeters of water fell on Santo Domingo and the National District, when the average in the month of November averaged 132 millimeters, according to those statistics.

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Roads such as 27 de Febrero, John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln and Máximo Gómez avenues, which cross the city north-south and east-west, have become impossible to reach, a situation that is worsened by the desperation of drivers who have taken all the lanes. to try to move forward, but blocking traffic.

The director of the Emergency Operations Center (COE), Juan Manuel Méndez, reported that they have been able to confirm the death of four people who died because of the heavy rains on November 4th.

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