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Onguito Wa’s friend says he was paid to plead guilty for the hit-and-run

After declaring that he was the driver of the vehicle that ran over and caused the death of Haitian Avener Elma, 25, the young Erick Rafael Peralta Ortega confessed that they paid him to appear before the courts as the driver of the hit-and-run incident.

Peralta Ortega said that the girlfriend of the urban exponent Onguito Wa, the influencer Briante, was the one who contacted him to draw up a record at the Casa del Conductor that would prove the singer’s innocence, which is why hours later after appearing at the Palacio de la Police, he was released.

“It was rumored in the neighborhood that they were going to give me 20,000 pesos,” but finally, Briante sent him 900USD, approximately 48,000 Dominican pesos, Peralta Ortega explained during an interview on “Alofoke Radio Show.”

On why he agreed to get involved in the case, Peralta Ortega stated that: “I did it thinking it was a simple accident, thinking that everything was going to turn out like all accidents, that you report it, they take your normal statement, but I come to find out everything that happens when I am fully involved there”, and alleges that he needed the money for “a stomach problem”.

Likewise, Peralta Ortega assured that he is not Onguito’s cousin, as had initially been said in the media, that he only saw him sporadically because they both grew up in the same sector, he also said he did not know why they decided to look for him.

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The 26-year-old man says that after two days under arrest, when he went out and saw the news, he felt “tormented”, although he did not dare to retract it at the request of his lawyer, who warned him that he could face several years in prison. , since they only gave him a ticket “because my license was expired.”

“The psychological terror that they inflicted on me was always that I was going to be arrested if I went to this platform, if I testified or gave an interview or said something, I was going to sink myself,” he continued.

Peralta Ortega took advantage of the moment to apologize to the authorities and to the relatives of Avener Elma.

According to the authorities’ report, the accident occurred at 3:30 in the morning, on Juan Pablo Duarte avenue, close to Nicolás de Ovando, when a black Mercedes Benz SUV, license plate G579341, impacted so front the motorcycle driven by a Haitian who answered to the name of Avener Elma.

The fatal victim procreated a girl who is currently one year old with her sentimental partner with whom she lived two years ago.

At the time of being hit, he was moving in a motor through the area after he finished moving merchandise in the market from one place to another to sell it at dawn.


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