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No kiss for you! Raúl de Molina under fire after greet to La Materialista

Several criticisms have arisen against Raúl de Molina after refusing to greet the urban artist La Materialista with a kiss at Premios Juventud.

In a video that has become viral on social networks, the interpreter of “Desacátate” is seen greeting the presenter of “El gordo y la flaca”, however, he placed his hand on her shoulder to prevent her from Dominican approached him.

“I’m not kissing anyone because of covid, but I’m glad to meet you,” said the communicator. “I am afraid that I will get covid like President Biden,” he added.

Given this, La Materialista only limited herself to saying: “No, no, very well, very well. But that’s okay. My pleasure”.

This action of the Cuban has been criticized because in another video he is seen hugging actor Carlos Ponce.

“But if he is so afraid of covid, he should not have gone to that award ceremony. The Materialist always very respectful, very diplomatic, with a lot of height”. “When he comes to the DR we do the same to him.” “In an interview, Georgina Duluc said: Raúl de Molina is the most pedantic, ill-educated, believed and arrogant person I have ever interviewed. And here is a sample”, “But Carlos Ponce was even loaded”, are some of the comments on social networks.

So far neither the Dominican nor the presenter have referred to the subject.

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