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Thursday, July 28, 2022

Mark Wahlberg films Arthur in the Dominican Republic

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American actor Mark Wahlberg is filming “Arthur” in the Dominican Republic.

Wahlberg, 49, was sided by the director of the aforementioned film, Simon Cellan Jones, as well as executives from the production companies EOne, Lantica Media, as well as those from Film 203.

“Arthur”, which is filmed on stages in Samaná and Santo Domingo, is based on real events that occurred to the Swedish team that participated in the Huairasinchi World Adventure World (Huirasinchi Explorer World Cup) in Ecuador in 2014.

In that competition, Mikael Lindnord, team leader, met a dog that accompanied him throughout the difficult journey.

Lindnord decided to adopt him, named him Arthur, and took him with him to Sweden, where he lived with his family until his death in December 2020.

“I give you an enthusiastic welcome to this vibrant film destination full of color, joy, and sea”, said the mayor of the National District, Carolina Mejía, at the Colonial City, where she received Wahlberg and the production team of the movie.

Mejía emphasized the importance of the Dominican Republic as an ideal location for filming international productions. “We will continue to position our city as a destination for the film industry and I thank you once again for choosing us”, the mayor told foreign guests.

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