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Jochy Santos crowned king of the Great Dominican Parade

To the rhythm of the musical theme “Baile en la Calle” performed by Fernando, communicator Jochy Santos was crowned the “King of the Great Dominican Parade of the Bronx 2022″.

Santos received the crown from the hand of Felipe Febles, founder and executive director of the organization, supported by the members of the entity and special guests of the gala dinner on the occasion of the celebration of the 33 years of the institution.

In addition, it is considered the organization with the greatest cultural tradition for Dominicans residing in the United States and mainly in the county of the Bronx where Quisqueyans are currently the majority.

The parade of The Great Dominican Parade of the Bronx will be a display of carnivalesque and cultural joy of Quisqueya la bella. With more than 50 floats, troupes, roba la gallina, cultural groups, ballet baton, sports associations, and religious among others, they will participate in a big hug of brothers.

“Everything is ready for our great Dominican Day celebration abroad. This is everyone’s stop and you have shown it for 33 years, we are going to meet this Sunday, July 31st at Grand Concourse Avenue in a great celebration of Dominicanness and all together with flag in hand we will shout long live the Dominican Republic”, Febles said.

The words of welcome were given by the member of the organization David Williams, who with his solid message highlighted the importance of being Dominican inside and outside the country.

“Our main motto is based on the patriotism of the Dominican and to make known who our fathers of the country were, the great legacy of Juan Pablo Duarte, Ramón Matías Mella and Francisco del Rosario Sánchez, which must remain alive in our hearts today. tomorrow and always. Also making known our patriotic symbols are: the Flag, the Shield and the National Anthem, which are a permanent part of our Dominicanity and that children, young people and related feel who we are, where we came from culturally and where we are going”.

In the cultural part, The Great Dominican Parade of the Bronx, is a carnivalesque joy, full of roots and culture of Quisqueya la bella. Dominicans enjoy it with floats, music, troupes, roba la gallina, cultural groups, batton ballet, so that our children do not lose their cultural roots even if they are born in the United States. This activity is carried out with a great embrace of brothers, throughout the length and breadth of the Grand Concourse avenue in the Bronx.


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