Dominican Republic now holds the Guinness record for bachata

ShowbizDominican Republic now holds the Guinness record for bachata

The Dominican Republic won the Guinness title for the greatest number of couples dancing bachata simultaneously.

To the rhythm of the song “Pena por ti” by Luis Segura, 500 couples danced for five uninterrupted minutes on George Washington Avenue to win world recognition.

“Unfortunately Poland has lost its Guinness Record”, said Susana Reyes, official representative of Guinness World Records.

Reyes pointed out that the number of disqualified people was two, and the official number for this Guinness Record is 489 couples.

She said that the event only shows that the Dominican Republic has the potential to exceed its own goals and added that there is always an invitation from Guinness World Records to continue to exceed itself in all its objectives.

“This is proof that work, perseverance, passion, dedication, gives results. I am very happy to have been a part of this”, said Reyes.

At the same time, she indicated that she takes joy from the Dominicans, knowing that they are a community that organizes itself, and that when they have a common goal they make it possible.

“The Guinness Record is here, nobody dances more bachata than the Dominicans” were the expressions that were heard from the participants after the official adjudicator certified the Dominican Republic.

Meanwhile, producer Alberto Zayas said that the Dominican authorities should declare December 11th as the national day of bachata.

“This is a request from Luis Segura, which we have joined to ask and demand that our authorities declare national bachata day”, Zayas expressed excited about the achievement.

He also said that the preparation took a time of 4 months and they were limited by the pandemic.

“Giving the extra mile is what makes us all bigger today, to be able to give positive news to Dominicans and for the world to understand that no one can dance more bachata than a Dominican”, he appointed.

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