Clarissa Molina y Caroline Aquino hosts the Soberano Awards

ShowbizClarissa Molina y Caroline Aquino hosts the Soberano Awards

Premios Soberano 2021 will be hosted for the first time by Caroline Aquino and Clarissa Molina, an event that recognizes the best of the arts sector while providing development opportunities for local talent.

The breaking news came from the creative producer of the awards, René Brea, noted as an avant-garde that sets industry standards in the industry, from the television programs where he established the use of visuals in the sets, until last year where he produced virtual concerts at the highest level of production.

“The time has come to open a new cycle and they are the ideal ones. I am very proud. Everyone knows that I am a fan of people who try hard and excel; I think they are talented women who have shown that they know how to swim in different waters – it is the right moment for the public to enjoy their talents in the most anticipated event”, highlighted Brea.

Regarding Caroline Aquino, he pointed out: “I have known her since before entering into communication, it is a strong testimony that when you want to, you can, she has made her way by walking, she has built a career with her stumbling blocks and achievements. People love her and wondered why not Caroline? And I asked myself that same question. God’s time is precise, this is his moment, and I am very pleased to be part of that”.

“Clarissa Molina, there are talents that one discovers at the same time as the entire audience, I can tell you that I began to see her and I began to see her growth, and at one point I said to myself when I have the opportunity to produce a large event, I would like to work with her, she conveys her naturalness to the cameras. It seems to me that, in these times, being able to be yourself in front of an audience is something of great value that the public immediately perceives”, said René.

Cándida Hernández, VP of Marketing and Strategy of the Dominican National Brewery, indicated that this edition of the Soberano Awards uncovers the evolution of the Dominican Republic through the generation of new opportunities for our talent.

She reinforced that the brewery company and Acroarte believe that the selection of the presenters establishes the vision and the commitment to develop local talent.

“We trust in the creative capacity, talent, and discipline of René’s team, we are happy to work again hand in hand with him, his selection and that of Clarissa and Caroline as presenters of the award is a guarantee of staging with high standards. of quality that will meet the expectations of all the public”, said Hernández.

Both communicators have extensive experience in conducting local and international awards, “they are young people who have achieved their goals by preparing and climbing in their careers to achieve the positioning and respect that they currently have “said Zumaya Cordero, executive producer of the award.

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