Cardi B’s daughter Kulture vacations in the Dominican Republic

ShowbizCardi B's daughter Kulture vacations in the Dominican Republic

Cardi B and Offset’s daughter is enjoying a vacation in the Dominican Republic. In a video posted on the official Instagram account of Kulture Kiari, the name of the eldest daughter of the Dominican singer with the American rapper, she is seen with another girl picking tamarind in a humble community in the country.

“Country life”, reads the publication, which at the moment has almost 300,000 ‘Like’. In the video you can hear the girl say “That tamarind is bad” and “Give me water” in perfect Spanish, which has surprised her followers.


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“Kulture is bilingual”, “I love the fact that you expose her to her roots. God bless you. The best life is the country life!!”, “Teaching them that humble life in the DR”, are some of the comments that can be read in the post.

Although the exact location in which the little girl is located is not specified in the publication, fans assure that it is Castañuela, Montecristi, where Cardi B’s paternal family hails from.

In October 2021, for the Dominican singer’s 29th birthday, Offset presented her with a mansion in the Dominican Republic, a sprawling, luxurious property with a secluded pool surrounded by palm trees.

In addition to 4-year-old Kulture Kiari, the couple also have 1-year-old Wave Set.

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