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SEMAL hosts first intercontinental Anti-Aging Medicine congress

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The Spanish Society of Anti-Aging and Longevity Medicine -SEMAL- carries the first Intercontinental Congress of Anti-Aging Medicine, where experts on the field will share their experience, innovations, and perspectives to reach a greater age with a better quality of life.

The president of the entity, Dr. Jose Serres, said that the event brings together authorities from the field to discuss the latest advancements of Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine, Gyneco-Cosmetics and Aesthetic Medicine.

Also, there will be live demonstrations on patients with different cutting-edge treatments will be presented at the meeting from March 28th to 31st of 2019 at the Hotel Gran Palladium Punta Cana.

Notable presentations include:

  • Anti-Aging treatments in Europe, Dr. Claude Dalle (France)
  • Treatment of sexual dysfunctions of Anti-Aging Medicine, Dr. Filomena Trindade (USA)
  • Female genital aging: How to approach it, Dr. Maria Fernanda Lucas (Colombia)
  • The safety of hormones, Dr. Gary Donovitz (USA)
  • Current situation of aesthetic and Anti-Aging gynecology in the Dominican Republic, Dr. Alejandro Paradas.
  • Body-mind interaction and its importance in Anti-Aging Medicine, Dr. Jose Antonio Flórez Lozano (Spain)
  • Management of complications with filling implants, Dr. Luis Lopez Tallaj (Dominican Republic)
About the organizers

SEMAL is registered with the Royal and Illustrious College of Physicians of Seville and has the purpose of studying therapeutic exercises and beneficial medical treatments to slow down the aging of the body and improve bodily functions.

The organizing committee is composed by Dr. Jose Serre, Dr. Luis Lopez Tallaj, Dr. Victor Atallah, Dr. Javier Beut, Dr. Julian Bayon Diaz, Dr. Jorge E. Gaviria, and Dr. Juan Carlos Mendez.

“Since its foundation, SEMAL has opted for the integration of different medical disciplines, not only to control aging but also to prevent age-related diseases. In line with this philosophy, the programs of our congresses offer input and discussion and are orchestrated to the objective of bringing together doctors and health professionals from different specialties who, with open minds, without prejudice offer their knowledge and experience
without discarding any scientifically based strategy that allows us to live longer and better.”

First Intercontinental Anti-Aging Congress in Punta Cana.

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