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Government and UBER sign agreement allowing Punta Cana operations

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The Dominican Government signed an agreement of understanding with the transport company Uber, to solve the impasse in the transport of tourists in the eastern part of the country.

The agreement was signed by Rafael Arias, Executive Director of Intrant, and the representative of the company Uber in the Dominican Republic, Carlos Ferdinand, with the aim of regulating operations, guaranteeing free enterprise, as indicated in a press release sent tonight.

The director of the Intrant said that this is the first step to the solution to regulate a sector that provides service to society, as it is framed in Law 63-17, and that it is working as the Law mandates, opening space for free enterprise, but with regulation, under the established order.

Ferdinand, a representative of Uber, thanked the support for free enterprise and foreign investment and the effort that is being carried out to solve the problem.

“The Tourism Cabinet served as an intermediary to reach an understanding agreement between the Intrant and Uber for their operations. With this signature, the problems between these institutions, CESTUR, and the taxi drivers in the Bavaro area, Punta Cana, are over ”, said Collado.

The Minister of Tourism said that for the Government “it was unacceptable that order and peace be altered in a tourist center, as well as in another part of the country, therefore, the President of the Republic gave instructions to resolve the impasse, respecting free competition and national or foreign investment under the framework of the law and the due regulations ”.

The statement says that Abinader expressed his satisfaction with the signing of the understanding agreement and said that participation and competition are convenient for any sector of the economy for its development, supported by free enterprise and regulation.

He pointed out that this is an important step forward and was confident that there will be a final agreement as soon as possible.

The understanding agreement was witnessed by Rafael Blanco Tejera, president of the Association of Hotels and Tourism (ASONAHORES), and Ernesto Veloz, of the Association of Hotels and Tourism Projects of the East (ASOLESTE). Also present were Patricia Mejía, vice-minister Destination Management Department of MITUR, who was the coordinator for the Tourism Cabinet, to reach this understanding.

For his part, Rafael Blanco revealed that Asonahores believes in free enterprise, but that regulation is what guarantees a safe and quality service while congratulating the parties involved in the agreement.


In another statement, the company notes the following:

“Since our arrival in the country in 2015 and in Punta Cana in 2020, we have reiterated our commitment to contribute to the country. Open dialogue with the government and other interested parties has been instrumental in this process, always with the objective of achieving a safe and trustworthy environment for all, where the right to choose of citizens is respected. This agreement with INTRANT is proof of this. We are confident that we will continue working together to have this regulation that recognizes the particular characteristics of this type of mobility as soon as possible, ”commented Sylvia Alvarado, Uber’s public policy manager for the Andean, Central American, and Caribbean region.

They say that the agreement “aims to give certainty to the progress of regulatory discussions that could also help reduce recent incidents in the tourist area of ​​Punta Cana.”

The executive said that Uber supports the call for peace and coexistence, condemns any aggression or inappropriate behavior in general, and of course also those that occur against users and drivers registered in the app.

“The Dominican Republic is distinguished as a country of law and order. We are convinced that we can all contribute and live together safely by strengthening a mobility ecosystem in which citizens find and can choose the option that best suits them.

Our commitment is to continue cooperating through technology, both in the mobility sector and in the post-COVID-19 economic reactivation. Therefore, the safety of the community in the Uber app is paramount, ”added Alvarado.

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