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Clintons support a micro fragmentation project by Grupo Puntacana

Former US President Bill Clinton and his wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, toured the facilities of the Innovation Center in Punta Cana, days after they celebrated New Year’s eve at the Puntacana Resort Club.
“As in previous years, President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton enjoyed their end of the year vacations at Puntacana Resort & Club, where they visited the Marine Innovation Center and learned about the efforts of the Grupo Puntacana Foundation, as well as their new innovative micro fragmentation project”, states a message published by the Puntacana Resort & Club Instagram account.
The entity, who owns the most prestigious resorts in the Caribbean, provided insights of this special visit by the Clintons.
“The visit was promoted by ‘Clinton Global Initiative Action Network’, as part of its interest in finding examples in the Caribbean to replicate these efforts throughout the region”.

The Clinton family are regular visitors of the Dominican Republic. Last summer they stayed at the Tortuga Bay hotel in Punta Cana, one of Grupo Punta Cana’s properties.

The former US president is a loyal fan of golf and has been seen enjoying the sport in the fields of Punta Cana, east side of the Caribbean country.

“For several years, the Clintons have celebrated a new year in the Dominican Republic, which reaffirms that Punta Cana is a great destination, with the best golf facilities and resorts in the Caribbean”, ends the caption of a post that already collects hundreds of likes.

About micro fragmentation

Climate change and warming of the sea brings as a consequence the disappearance of coral reefs around the world, the most affected regions being Australia, Indonesia.
In the Caribbean the situation is also worrying, and in a few decades 50 percent of the coral cover has been lost.
Recovering these ecosystems successfully and quickly has so far been an immense task. However, in recent years, microfragmentation is being implemented, which is not another way of calling the technique by which they are regenerated quickly and efficiently.
The technique was discovered by mistake Dave Vaughan, a biologist from Florida Keys, in the United States, when one of these symbiotes was fragmented, and after a few days, it was observed that the broken piece was still alive and reproduced faster.
Now, instead of cutting it in two, it is cut into 100 or 200 pieces, allowing 50 times faster regeneration.
This technique, which can be applied to a significant number of species, could become the hope of next year to recover the world’s reefs.

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