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Santo Domingo
Thursday, July 21, 2022

Dominican government freezes the price of all fuels

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The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and MiPymes ordered, for the week of July 16th to 22nd, to maintain the same prices as last week for all 10 types of fuels that are marketed in the country.

The government announced that it has earmarked RD$900 million in fuel subsidies to curb price increases and thereby mitigate their impact on inflation in the local market.

In that sense, premium gasoline will continue to be sold at RD$293.60 per gallon and regular at RD$274.50.

Regular gasoil maintains a price of RD$221.60 per gallon, optimal RD$241.10 per gallon, avtur RD$298.91 per gallon, kerosene RD$338.10 per gallon.

Likewise, fuel Oil #6 will continue to be sold at RD$192.11 per gallon, fuel Oil 1%S will be at RD$211.77 per gallon.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) continues at RD$147.60 per gallon and Natural gas RD$28.97 per m3 maintains its price.

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