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Banreservas the first Dominican bank to reach “trillion” pesos in assets

During the first half of 2022, Banco de Reservas reached the highest rates in its history in the main financial indicators, such as assets, deposits, loan portfolio and profits, while the return on equity stood at 33.6% and the index of efficiency in 66.14%.

At the end of June, assets amounted to RD$1,012.1 billion, equivalent to one “trillion” pesos, according to the short scale; the highest reached for the first time by a Dominican financial institution. Compared to June 2021, they increased by RD$206,116.9 million.

In the first half of the year, the banking entity maintained its expansion and growth strategy, resulting in accumulated net profits amounting to RD$10,111.9 million, for an increase of RD$2,349.8 million, compared to the same period in 2021.

The gross loan portfolio registered an amount of RD$412,449.2 million, for an increase of RD$59,161.2 million, in relation to June 2021.

Credits to the private sector amounted to RD$374,150.2 million, to represent 90.7% of the total loan portfolio. gross loans in June 2022. While loans to the public sector reached RD$38,299.0 million, equivalent to 9.3% of the total gross portfolio.

This expansion has been carried out within the framework of excellent risk management.

The delinquency index stood at 0.79%, the lowest that Banreservas has obtained in its history, taking into account that 90% of its portfolio corresponds to the private sector; while the coverage of the loan portfolio for possible defaults was placed at 782.0% in June 2022, more than six times higher than the regulatory requirements.

Deposits and liquidity

Likewise, the growth of deposits during the semester was notable, reaching RD$823,262.3 million, for an increase of RD$167,706.0 million in relation to June 2021. The liquidity index for the period was placed at 24.7%, which comfortably guarantees all short-term commitments.

Equity, which rose to RD$66,433.9 million, increased by RD$13,013.5 million, equivalent to 24.4%, compared to June 2021.

Banreservas’ achievements have been recognized by prestigious international financial magazines, such as Global Finance and World Finance, which have awarded it this year in various categories for its business management, sustainable leadership, investment and social responsibility.


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