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Amazon represents great opportunities for Dominican products

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The Association of Industries of the Dominican Republic (AIRD), the Dominican Association of Exporters (ADOEXPO) and the General Directorate of Customs (DGA) joined forces in the Thematic Breakfast “Amazon: Effective Export Tool for Dominican Products”, in which They presented the opportunities to increase international trade offered by exporting via Amazon and from any E-Commerce platform for Dominican industrial companies.

Elizabeth Mena, president of ADOEXPO, welcomed the participants and indicated that the world has changed and with it the challenges that guide us.

From ADOEXPO we have been walking on the path of transformations that the “new normality” (post-pandemic) brings us. These changes and transformations have a lot to do, precisely, with: the intensification of the use of information technology, the internet of things, the flexibility and agility to adapt to the disruptions typical of the volatility of the world, and not least the way we should do things.

Celso Juan Marranzini, president of the AIRD, said that “it is time to make an effort and learn, to invest in the development of this type of channel, to take advantage of a market of billions of dollars, for societies that seek the best and the diverse, which we can offer you in multiple lines”.

He stated that “the growth of exports is, for industrialists, a permanent objective, convinced that this makes companies great, elevates them to the category of world-class companies, places them in the race for foreign markets”.

We are familiar with the expression “buy it on Amazon”. Today the AIRD, ADOEXPO and DGA want to make relevant a new expression “Made in the DR for the world, export it through Amazon”, Marranzini stated.

In the activity, which is part of the “Exporta Más” project, the DGA offered all the necessary support that companies may need to guide them in their learning process, training and facilities to export their products via Amazon.

“Electronic commerce is the new way of marketing and selling products locally and internationally using communication and information technologies.” ⁣Francisco Figueroa, founding partner Punto Shop Market Place.

Figueroa He addressed the topic ⁣“Online commerce, export to Amazon and Walmart”, exposed during our Thematic Breakfast, focused on exports through the Amazon platform.

Amazon has 256 distribution centers around the world, offers the possibility of connecting with commercial companies, opens opportunities for large and small quantities, has a presence in Europe, Asia and the United States, being the leader in the American market with access to its 332 million population.

It had $239 billion in US sales in 2021, and Amazon Business had $10 billion in global sales.

Another platform is Alibaba, which has a presence in 180 countries and 636 million active users per year.

Nelson De Los Santos, manager of sales to the international market of INDUBAN, participated in our Thematic Breakfast, where he presented the experience of this company with Amazon for the export of products, challenges and results obtained.

He highlighted the consumption of what is ours in the international market, as well as those INDUBAN products that are exported through Amazon, details of its online store and advertising campaign.

Johannes Kelner, Deputy General Manager of Dominican Customs, explained the process of exporting via Amazon, benefits and opportunities for the Dominican Republic, as well as the necessary requirements to make this possible with the exhibition “E-Commerce, export from the DR”.

In his presentation, Kelner highlighted the importance of taking into account what is necessary to successfully achieve the transport process and the elements involved.

The event was attended by the Deputy Director General of Customs, Johannes Kelner and part of the staff of technicians and specialists in the field of the DGA; with the president of the AIRD and the president of ADOEXPO, as well as Francisco Figueroa, founding partner of Punto Shop Market Place; Nelson de Los Santos, manager of sales to the international market of INDUBAN, and Vespacini Rodríguez of Universal Caribean Supply, as well as Jonathan de Peña of Little Island Honey.

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