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Friday, July 22, 2022

Superintendency of Electricity instructs a consumer credit

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President Luis Abinader instructed the Council of the Superintendence of Electricity, in the exercise of its legal powers, to establish as applicable rates in the next billings, the prices in force in the April-June 2022 quarter.

Therefore, the distribution companies EDESUR, EDEESTE and EDENORTE must rebill the users of the electricity distribution public service for the invoices issued in the month of July of this year.

This information was released by the spokesman and director of Strategy and Communication of the Presidency, Homero Figueroa, through a statement issued from the National Palace.

“Which means that, if you already paid your July bill with an increase, that excess price will be credited to you on your next bill. If you haven’t paid it yet, the amount corresponding to the increase will be deducted from your next bill, everything this according to the decision of the President of the Republic”, indicated Figueroa.

In the document, Figueroa specifies that, despite the international crisis due to the pandemic and the war between Russia and Ukraine, the Dominican Republic is in a much better situation than most countries due to the timely decisions that the present authorities have made. .

“The government will continue working on the construction of collective prosperity in the midst of these complex and crucial events that shake the world, and we know that the Dominican Republic will emerge victorious,” argued Homero Figueroa.

He specified that the disagreement caused by the increase in the rate contemplated in the Electric Pact, signed and supported by all representative sectors of society, including all the majority and minority political parties, offers another opportunity to demonstrate that this Government always listens .

He stated that the current conditions of the economy are very different from those that existed on February 25, 2021, when the Electric Pact was signed.

“For this reason, to alleviate the difficulties of the population, President Luis Abinader announced on Tuesday, July 19, that the Government was stopping the increases in the electricity rate ordered by the Electric Pact until the current economic circumstances change,” the spokesperson said. and Director of Strategy and Communication of the Presidency.

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