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President Abinader ratifies decrease in public spending

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Dominican Republic President Luis Abinader issued Decree 3-22, in which the Executive Power ratifies a large part of the measures for the decrease of public spending contained in Decree 396-21.

During the year 2022, until January 1s, 2023, the purchase of motor vehicles in the Central Government is prohibited, except for specific exceptions, and the denial of any request for exoneration or exemption that is not based on a law is reiterated .

Likewise, the use of official vehicles is prohibited on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, unless expressly and previously authorized by the owner of the corresponding institution for the strict execution of tasks related to his responsibilities.

The purchase of tickets for official trips abroad that do not have prior authorization issued by the administrative minister of the Presidency is also prohibited, with the exception of the Ministry of Foreign Relations and the Ministry of Tourism, who must submit a periodic report in this regard.

Also, the use of flankers is restricted for certain officials because of their responsibilities, and unauthorized spending on parties, donations, gifts, and other similar activities is prohibited.

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