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Political platform “Ganaremos” is launched and led by Leonel Fernández

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The president of the Social Democratic Institutional Bloc (BIS), José Francisco Peña Guaba, presented this Sunday the formation of the “Great National Alliance for Economic and Social Renewal” (GANAREMOS), a coalition of parties and other political groups.

A delegation from the Political Directorate of the People’s Force was present at the event, led by its Vice President Radhamés Jiménez Peña and its Secretary General, Antonio Florián (Peñita).

Peña Guaba, coordinator of the coalition, announced that GANAREMOS will be led by Leonel Fernández, president of the People’s Force, to whom the organizations that comprise it recognize his crisis management capacity and his political vision in the face of the current situation.

He also highlighted the importance of alliances in electoral processes, considering that in recent electoral contests the votes of minority parties have been relevant to obtaining electoral victory.

He said in this sense that “Leonel Fernández has represented the most successful alliances of the last two decades, obtaining electoral victories in the first round and winning the majority of the positions at the Congressional and Municipal levels.”

He argued that alliances and coalitions have been fundamental, according to electoral data, because they have represented around 20% of the votes obtained through emerging, minority or growing parties. “The evolution of this contribution has gone from 9.50% in 2008, to almost 20% in the 2020 elections,” said the coordinator of GANAREMOS.

He continued expressing that: “As can be seen, the vote of the allies is essential to win the congressional and municipal elections (especially the single-member ones, understood as directors of Districts, Mayors and Senators)”.

Regarding the presidential elections, Peña Guaba established that it is evident that this vote is fundamental, “since the alliances with the emerging parties are vital for the presidential candidates to reach the threshold of 50% + 1”.

He assured that in its first phase WE WILL WIN has managed to bring together more than 10 organizations, movements and political parties, around the leadership of Leonel Fernández, it is the first step for the country to have an opposition bloc that supports the demands of the people, defends the interest of those who have no voice and be a democratic alternative that can, starting in 2024, restore hope, progress and development to the Dominican people.

Peña Guaba explained that the launching ceremony for GANAREMOS would originally be led by former President Leonel Fernández together with the presidents of the 10 parties that make it up, and their respective political leaders.

He stated, however, that the modification of the original format of the act was due to a situation of a legal nature that was addressed in a dialogue that was held with a delegation from the People’s Force, the Social Democratic Institutional Bloc (BIS) and the Plenary of the Central Electoral Board (JCE).

Therefore, the modifications to the original act were made to guarantee due compliance with the provisions of Law 33-18 on Political Parties, Groups and Movements; Law 15-19 of the Electoral Regime, and the Resolution of the Central Electoral Board Number 28-2021, modified by Resolution number 2-2022.

Peña Guaba said that in the same way it was considered that in order to comply with the required legal protocol, the parties that make up the great alliance WE WILL WIN, needed more time to be able to exhaust the legal formalities.

He said that in due legal terms, the organizations will join the Great Electoral Platform that will allow modifying the current erratic course of the country.

From the presentation of GANAREMOS, carried out this Sunday, a series of activities will take place where the different parties, movements and political groups will hold integration assemblies, which will be headed by Leonel Fernández; being the first of these assemblies the one corresponding to the Social Democratic Institutional Block (BIS).

For his part, on behalf of the People’s Force, its vice president, Radhames Jiménez, thanked José Francisco Peña Guaba for the initiative of creating this great opposition platform, “This great alliance to support the leadership of President Leonel Fernández is a benchmark of hope, of a democratic alternative and of a return to progress, development, and the well-being of Dominicans, starting in 2024,” he said.

“This concertation is carried out under strict respect for electoral norms and in the exercise of constitutional rights, articles 216 and others of the Dominican Constitution,” added the former Attorney General of the Republic.

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