Patriotic March calls to a solution for Haiti in Haiti

LocalPatriotic March calls to a solution for Haiti in Haiti

International participation, agility in the construction of the wall between the Dominican Republic and Haiti, compliance with the Dominican labor code and application of immigration regulations, were part of the demands raised by dozens of Dominicans in the development of the “Patriotic March” this Saturday.

During the activity, organized by the Duartian Institute with the support of a group of entities and personalities, the “Patriotic Manifesto of August 6, 2022” was issued, in which the aforementioned petitions and many others are collected in order to seek “a solution to the Haitian problem in Haiti.”

According to the president of the Duartian Institute, Wilson Gómez Ramírez, it is urgent to stabilize Haiti, since he considered that it went from being “a phenomenon of migration” to “an exodus of invasion and occupation.”

Gómez Ramírez, who was in charge of reading the manifesto, requested “greater speed, transparency and effectiveness in the construction of the physical and technological wall or fence on the border.”

Likewise, he requested, on behalf of those present, the application of 80% of Dominican labor in the economic activities of the country, an ordinance established in the Labor Code.

The third point was the “rigorous and fair” compliance with immigration regulations, the “sustained repatriation” of foreigners in situation, followed by the fourth that calls for the adoption of “all measures and measures so that according to the reality previously exposed, the Armed Forces be taken in a number as sufficient as the current circumstances demand, to border control to prevent the return of returnees and new illegal incursions, at the cost and with the rigor that the case requires, until the work of construction of the wall and effective technological mechanisms that guarantee supervision are put into practice.”

The fifth proposes that “the Ministry of Education comply with article 63, numeral 13, of the Constitution of the Republic, which mandates that” in order to train citizens aware of their rights and duties, in all public education institutions and private, instruction in social and civic education, the teaching of the Constitution, fundamental rights and guarantees, national values ​​and the principles of peaceful coexistence will be mandatory.

Other claims were about compliance with article 10, numeral 2, of the supreme norm that establishes that “the regime for the acquisition and transfer of real estate property in the border area will be subject to specific legal requirements that privilege the property of Dominicans and the national interest”, “the adoption of a highly restrictive policy”, as well as the “meticulous” review and supervision of the civil registry, the aliens book.

At the end they proposed “a great global diplomatic offensive, including a broad exercise of public and citizen diplomacy, with written, rigorous guidance and unity of criteria before embassies, parliaments and international organizations, with truthful historical content about Dominican relations -Haitians and the socioeconomic, demographic and environmental data that support our legitimate and fair claims”.

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