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Thursday, July 21, 2022

Duartians asks the International Community to get serious about Haiti

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The Duartian Institute called on Tuesday citizens to join a patriotic march this coming August 6 to demand international organizations such as the United Nations Organization (UN) and the governments of the United States, France, Canada to assume more seriously and sense of urgency the reconstruction of Haiti, emphatically rejecting that there is a Dominican solution to the problems of Haiti.

“The worsening of extreme poverty, the bankruptcy of its institutions, social anarchy, political-economic collapse and a predominant state of insecurity, with strong repercussions on the border, put the stability of the Dominican Republic at risk,” said Wilson Gómez. Ramírez, president of the institute.

For his part, lawyer Pelegrín Castillo said that he is concerned that entities such as the UN and the Organization of American States (OAS), whose obligation is to contribute to maintaining peace and security in member countries, show an inexplicable apathy, with which they seem to bet on the “extension of the same to the Dominican territory”.

“We have said and we want to repeat it here there are some schemes to turn the Dominican Republic into a delivery room for Haiti, a crime is being committed and soon a group is going to ask the prosecutor Miriam Germán to open an investigation, since we have information that there are international organizations that charge her for delivery services and then the Dominican State provides them,” she said.

At the same time, he described this action as “a scheme to fraud public funds disguised as humanitarian aid.”

The representative of the Duartian Institute reported that the march will be held on August 6th in the morning, from Columbus Park to the Altar de la Patria in Independencia Park.

The announcement of the demonstration was made by Gómez Ramírez during a meeting he held this Tuesday with the directors of the Duartian Institute, where he reiterated that the main purpose of the march will be to demand a serious commitment from the international community with the rescue of the neighboring country. .

Likewise, “to vindicate the Dominican Republic as the nation with the most solidarity with the painful Haitian drama, for which we are called to be very clear that we cannot take charge of this complex problem that transcends our borders and that demands a fair and rational of an international character”, he pointed out.

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