Dominican Republic trains thousands of nationals abroad

LocalDominican Republic trains thousands of nationals abroad

The National Institute of Professional Technical Training (INFOTEP) began the training, professional validation and skills certification program, which will impact 10,000 Dominicans residing in 18 cities around the world, or in the process of migrating.

With the plan, presented from the central headquarters of INFOTEP in the country and simultaneously in each of the cities where it will be taught, Dominicans from the diaspora will develop their technical skills and will have the opportunity to obtain better-paid jobs, which will allow them to raise your quality of life.

Thanks to this INFOTEP initiative, Dominicans residing in cities in the United States such as Lawrence, New York, New Jersey, Tampa, Orlando, Miami and Pennsylvania will receive training.

Also in Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Chile, Uruguay, Aruba, Antigua and Barbuda, Bonaire, Jamaica, Curacao, Trinidad and Tobago and Panama.

The director of INFOTEP, Rafael Santos Badía, highlighted at the event the contributions of Dominican communities abroad, who, with remittances from him, boost and strengthen the economy of their families and the country. He said that the contributions of the diaspora represent more than 10% of the Gross Domestic Product of the Dominican Republic.

Santos Badía explained that the resources to execute the training plan for the diaspora come from the contributions made by the Dominican State to the institution through Law 116-80, which creates INFOTEP.

“Today, thanks to a more complete social conscience, to a government of great openness and change, presided over by Luis Abinader, we have come to make a long-awaited conquest a reality, by launching the Training Program for Dominicans Abroad”, highlighted the director of the INFOTEP.

In its first stage, the project will focus on the areas of training and certification, occupational validation and virtual training. In the latter, 120 training plans will be available.

Likewise, national and international certification will be offered in areas valued for their potential in placement and entrepreneurship such as plumbing, electricity, refrigeration and heating, which will be taught throughout the national territory for those who are awaiting residence, in alliance with training centers abroad.

The training program

In the face-to-face mode, Dominicans from the diaspora will be given courses in residential and commercial electricity, solar panels, residential and commercial plumbing, residential and commercial heating and cooling.

In the virtual modality, the Diploma in Transformative Leadership and courses on cloud application development, App development, web content development, digital graphic design, web page development, social network management, storytelling illustrator, English, accounting, sales, office program management and digitization.

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