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Dominican Republic suspends all restrictive COVID-19 measures

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The Dominican Republic President Luis Abinader announced the suspension of all the restrictive measures imposed by COVID-19.

The president made the decision one year after the start of the National Vaccination Plan, a time he described as “a great collective victory.”

With 5,844,147 citizens vaccinated with at least two doses of the vaccine against respiratory disease, 2,528 active cases, positivity in the last four weeks at 10.24%, lethality at 0.76% and a considerable decrease in hospital occupancy, these are the measures that from now on will no longer be implemented:

  •  Mandatory use of the mask
  • Presentation of the vaccination card to access public and private spaces
  • Restrictions in public spaces

With the announcement of the president, the responsibility of taking care of COVID-19 acquires an individual character.

“After this long battle, we started to get our freedom back. From now on, we will all have to take care of ourselves, responsibly, but without restrictions”, he pointed out.

He added that “the government did what it had to do to protect our people and time has proven us right in our actions against the pandemic”.

In his speech on February 16th, Abinader thanked the medical personnel who, since the arrival of the pandemic, have provided their services without ceasing to guarantee the health of Dominicans.

“Thanks to the doctors, the nurses and all the health personnel; thanks to our military and police; thanks to the businessmen who provided human and financial resources for the cause; and thanks, above all, to the millions of Dominicans who complied with the measures and went to get vaccinated.”

He valued the measures taken by his management to acquire vaccines against COVID-19 when many powers did not have them and to turn the Dominican Republic into one of the countries that vaccinated its people the most in the first half of last year.

“We put ourselves at the forefront, we bet on contracting the widest variety of vaccines, we applied novel treatments and we were among the first in the world to propose a third dose, despite the little faith of a few”, he highlighted.

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