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Dermatologist advises measures in tattoo centers for monkeypox

Given the presence in the Dominican Republic of at least three confirmed cases of monkeypox, which can be transmitted by direct contact with body fluids, dermatologist Luisa González advises greater vigilance and control of biosecurity measures in centers where tattoos are performed.

She recalled that tattoos are widely used by a large part of the country’s young population, which is precisely the one that does not have protection from the smallpox vaccine, because it stopped being applied about 50 years ago.

She considered it important that there be greater rigor in the disinfection of instruments used to make tattoos.

The deputy director of the Dermatological and Skin Surgery Institute “Dr. Huberto Bogaert Díaz, was consulted about international information that reports the detection of an outbreak of monkeypox or monkeypox in a tattoo center and the temporary closure of some of them.

González recalls that research postulates that monkeypox is transmitted with direct and prolonged contact with a person, especially when there are open wounds and body fluids.

She recalled that microneedle devices are used in tattoos with which wounds are made at the level of the middle dermis, so there is extravasation of blood.

The specialist explained that if an infected person is not taken care for and a rigorous hygiene measures are not taken, a chain of infections can be generated.

Hence the importance, he indicates, of intensifying biosecurity measures in places where tattoos are performed, which are similar to those established with the Covid-19 pandemic, as is the case of sterilizing instruments, cleaning tables well with antiseptic solution and that there is a change of the accessories used to make the tattoo.

She also urged to adopt measures with the ink container, that the micro-needling handpiece be properly sterilized and the change of needles between one user and another.


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