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Council of the Judicial Power holds six new judges

The Council of the Judicial Power receives six new judges after a voting process that included close to 800 nominees.

The selected judges will exhaust a period of five years (2021-2026), as established in Law 28-11, which creates the Council of the Judicial Power.

In the process, Octavia Carolina Fernández Cury, justice of the peace; Leonardo Antonio García Cruz, substitute justice of the peace; Bionni Zayas, head of the First Instance; Luis Adriano Tavarez Marte, substitute judge of first instance; and Modesto Martínez Judge of Appeal.

Of the 767 judges who are authorized to choose their peers, 746 exercised their right to vote. In addition, of those 746 judges who voted, 31 did so virtually, so 715 went to the headquarters of the Supreme Court of Justice.

Magistrate Manuel Ramón Herrera Carbuccia, the first substitute for the president of the Supreme Court of Justice and president of said committee, affirmed that this process was a party for governance due to its transparency.

“There is nothing to hide here, everyone’s emails were returned, everyone was attended in one way or another, and up until March 18th, the secretary of the Committee was accepting people who did not they could attend because of an illness and other issues”, said Hererra.

Representatives of the Institutionality and Justice Foundation (Finjus), Citizen Participation, the Dominican Alliance Against Corruption (Adocco), the Academy of Sciences, the Dominican Republic Bar Association (CARD), and the Justice Foundation participated in the process. and Transparency (FJT).

The Council of the Judicial Power is the constitutional organ of administration and discipline of the Judicial Power of the Dominican Republic.

It is made up of five members: the president of the Supreme Court of Justice, who presides over it; a judge of the Supreme Court of Justice, a judge of the Court of Appeal, one of First Instance and another of Peace


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