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Battle of Faith calls to prevent modern society from destroying the DR

“The Battle of Faith,” an event aimed at strengthening and celebrating the Christian faith, in addition to trying to “spiritually revive the Dominican people,” made itself felt this January 1st with speeches aimed at criticizing the Penal Code, politicians, and to the “modern society that seeks to destroy the nation and the youth.”

It was the fifty-ninth National Evangelical Concentration, and like every opportunity, held at the Félix Sánchez Olympic Stadium. The doors opened at 2:00 in the afternoon and began at 3:45 p.m., with a good attendance of believers.

The initial speech was given by Pastor César Lozano, who began with a biblical quote: “Daniel 9:15-19”. After a brief address, they continued with the interpretation of some praises by the Ministry of Worship, which put the public to worship God.

Pastor Ezequiel Molina Rosario entrusted the Dominican Republic to God so that it continues to grow and strengthen his faith. He criticized the outdated Penal Code and spoke about politics in the country.

Molina Rosario also requested prayer for his “companions of faith” who aspire to positions within the government cabinet, including Dio Astacio, to fulfill their purpose by serving the Dominican State.

While Ezequiel Molina Jr., who was in charge of the final dissertation, advocated for Dominicans “not to lose their way and not be guided by modern society.”

The pastor spoke about Dominican society’s “spiritual distraction” and how this can cause the people to fall into “merciful” hands.

He also talked about how society is rebelling against God. He called on the people to wake up and prevent “modern society” from destroying the “nation and youth.”

Likewise, he indicated that part of the problem of youth unemployment is the lack of opportunities and the “stagnation of the moral and spiritual condition.”

To support his preaching, he used the biblical story of the prophet Ezekiel, indicating how “our situations are similar, so we must act like him.”

“The Dominican Republic is not just any nation; we are the Israel of the Caribbean and Latin America. All the terror of modern Babylon is poured out on us as a nation in these moments. They want to make us disappear as a nation just because we have had God first since the Republic’s founding, ” said Pastor Molina Jr.

Music was an essential part of this Christian event. Artists such as Isabel Valdez, Basti Morales, and the Ministry of Worship entertained the possibility, which ended around 7:00 p.m., seeking to “wake up” the population and encourage spirituality.


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