Avocado is the main export product from the DR to the USA

LocalAvocado is the main export product from the DR to the USA

The United States is the main export market for Dominican avocados, representing 39% of the more than 100 million dollars in fruits and vegetables shipped from the Dominican Republic to that territory in 2021.

The information was shared by the US embassy in the country through its social networks, where the growth in shipments from the Dominican Republic of fresh products to the US was also highlighted.


According to the embassy, DR-CAFTA allowed the Dominican Republic to export $130 million worth of fruits and vegetables to the United States last year.

The diplomatic representation also indicated that the “complete category” that includes the export of fresh fruits and vegetables to US territory grew by 20%.

Although the embassy highlights the importance of the avocado within the Dominican products sent to the United States, bananas, tomatoes and cucumbers are also included among the Creole foods that are marketed on North American soil.

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