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Medical Tourism Association awarded for collaboration at intl. congress

The Medical Tourism Association (MTA) was awarded for its efforts in promoting collaboration, best practices, and integration in the value chain of the industry.

“The successful destinations in medical tourism are the ones where the private sector puts aside competition and works together with the government to build up a country brand and a vision to the rest of the world,” said the CEO of the MTA, Jonathan Edelheit, at the 4th International Health and Wellness Tourism Congress, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, on September 5th.

For Edelheit, the Dominican Medical Travel industry is an example of creating a solid ground between the public and private sector.

“I am excited to see the Dominican Republic today, and I can only imagine where it would be in a few years,” highlighted the healthcare expert while emphasizing that collaboration is vital to becoming a top destination in such a complex industry.

How has the MTA Collaborated in the DR

The Medical Tourism Association, led by Renée-Marie Stephano, has helped the country to establish itself as the top choice in the Caribbean for medical travelers.

The collaboration from the MTA had influenced the growth of the industry in the Dominican Republic, as their participation dates back to 2012 when they conducted an educational workshop to narrow down key areas of development to become a medical tourism destination.

  • By 2013, Stephano commented on the potential and praised the features of the country:

“The Dominican Republic is in a great position to attract international patients; they have the right location, multiple international airports, and enough medical personnel and specialists able to provide health care at affordable prices,” as she stated on an article titled Medical Tourism Around the World, published on the Medical Tourism Magazine.

  • In 2015, the Plaza de la Salud (HGPS) became the first international department in the nation to obtain the International Patient Services Certification, awarded by the MTA.

On that same year, the Iberoamerican University and the MTA signed an agreement to offer academic training in Health Tourism, including those who want to become a Certified Medical Tourism Professional (CMTP).

Health and Wellness Destination Guide

Authored and co-authored by Renée-Marie Stephano and Dr. Alejandro Cambiaso, respectively, the first edition of the Dominican Republic Health and Wellness Tourism Destination Guide was released at the 8th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress in Orlando, Florida, on September 30th, 2015.

A second edition came out in August of 2017, a work in which AF Comunicación Estratégica also contributed as editors.

The MTA provides strategic development programs for destinations seeking to create sustainable and attractive offers for foreign direct investment.


The 4th International Health and Wellness Tourism Congress were hosted by the Dominican Health Tourism Association and AF Comunicacion Estrategica from September 5-7th at the Renaissance Santo Domingo Jaragua Hotel & Casino.

The event is a meeting point for major national health centers, worldwide medical tourism authorities, the diplomatic community, large buyers of international health and executives of the U.S. and Canadian hospitals.

The MTA has excelled in collaboration with other entities to develop medical travel. Source: dohealthwell
Source: doheathwell

In this picture, Jonathan Edelheit shares the stage with some of the highest representatives of the public and private sector in the Dominican Republic, which demonstrates their commitment to establishing a cost-effective and quality destination.

From left to right:

  • Dr. Alejandro Cambiaso, President of the Dominican Health Tourism Association.
  • Fausto Fernandez, Vice Minister of International Collaboration at the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic, who represented the Minister of Tourism, Francisco Javier Garcia.
  • Dr. Rafael Sánchez Español, President of the Board of Directors of the Metropolitan Hospital of Santiago (HOMS), awarded for innovation for being the pioneers of robotic surgery in the region.
  • Juan Lehoux Amell, Executive Vice-president of Commercial Businesses and Investment at the Banco Popular Dominicano, recognized for being the most active supporter of Health and Wellness Tourism. The bank sponsored an investment lunch within the congress.
  • Amelia Reyes, Public Relations expert and President of AF Comunicacion Estrategica.
  • Dr. Rafael Sánchez Cárdenas, Minister of Health of the Dominican Republic.

Check our Minute by Minute feed of the congress


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