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Iberostar Group celebrates Oceans Day and launches coastal ecosystems campaign

Iberostar Group celebrated World Oceans Day with a complete program of activities to make its clients aware of the close link between life and the sea: the Oceans produce at least 50% of the planet’s oxygen, host most of the earth’s biodiversity, and are the main source of protein for more than one billion people in the world.

Aware of this, the company thanked the ecosystem for its benefits and launched its international campaign ‘In love with the Ocean’, an initiative aimed at sensitizing customers and the sector about the importance of caring for coastal ecosystems and their commitment.

According to a recent survey by the Iberostar Group among its guests in the EMEA region, 9 out of 10 Iberostar customers affirm that caring for the environment and local communities is an important factor when choosing their accommodation, 6 points above the industry average.

In terms of the circular economy, 92% of Iberostar customers support the reduction of single-use plastics, even if it means eliminating elements such as amenities in the hotel room. Regarding the responsible consumption of fish and shellfish, 84% positively value a local gastronomic offer, although it affects the variety available. In addition, 57.7% prefer to travel to natural and non-crowded environments. In this sense, Spanish customers are the most likely to avoid crowded destinations (70.3%).

“We want to make our clients participate in the great biodiversity that inhabits the different regions where we have hotels and the work, we do from our Group to protect them and respect ecosystems. Involving our customers is the best way to raise awareness while they enjoy their vacation experience”, explained Dr. Megan Morikawa, director of the Iberostar Group Sustainability Office.

The group continues to strengthen its leadership on the path towards a responsible tourism model that focuses on caring for people and the environment.

With its Wave of Change movement for the protection of the oceans and the circular economy at the center of its strategy, it implements changes in its operations to achieve the commitments of its demanding 2030 Agenda.

Iberostar Group celebrates Oceans Day and launches coastal ecosystems campaign - Dominican News 2

Iberostar’s 2030 Agenda has five commitments and three lines of action: moving towards a circular economy; promote responsible fish consumption, and improve coastal health. From the advance towards the circular economy, the company is committed to being free of waste by 2025 and neutral in carbon emissions by 2030 -compensating a minimum equivalent to 75% through nature-based solutions-, consuming 100% fish and shellfish from responsible sources by 2025 and improve the health of the coastal ecosystems in which it operates by 2030, among other commitments.

In addition, the company has set the goal that 90% of customers staying in its hotels will know about the Wave of Change movement by 2023, and this will be one of the main factors for 60% of customers to choose Iberostar in 2025.

The Group organized a weekly program consisting of original activities to continue raising awareness of the importance of caring for the oceans and the environment. Among these, the cleaning of the beaches, the planting of mangroves, and scientific talks with employees and clients, among others, stand out.

In addition, Iberostar has designed an innovative “Experience room”, a space decorated with recycled materials dedicated to underwater life, where guests can witness a recreation of marine diversity through screens and lighting.


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