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Here is how you fill out the E-Ticket required to enter or leave the Dominican Republic

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Starting September 1st, travelers from or to the Dominican Republic must present the electronic migration form in a mandatory manner, reported the National Directorate of Migration.

The E-Ticket combines in a single one the Migration, Customs, and Public Health declarations that travelers had to complete manually at the ports of entry and exit.

Enrique García, Director of Migration, indicated that people who do not submit the previously filled out form through the page of that agency, will not be allowed to make their trip.

He recalled that the form is simple and can be completed from any digital platform. Once completed, a ticket with a QR code is generated, which the interested party can save on their device, as a PDF. This code must be presented at the port of departure, upon check-in.

Although the change from the physical form to the electronic one was ordered by the Ministry of Tourism by resolution DJ-009/2021 which dictates that since last April 1st its use was mandatory, its implementation during the subsequent months was voluntary as an adaptation process.

How to

To access the form, the traveler must enter the portal https://eticket.migracion.gob.do/ and select the preferred language.

To check-in, and when applying for the electronic ticket, the citizen must complete the security question, specify if they are traveling accompanied (members of the same family), in addition to specifying the amount, maximum six companions.

The registrant must complete his general information, permanent address, means of transport, specify that he is entering the Dominican Republic and if there is a stopover. After this, the citizen must save the application code, which consists of the confirmation serial of the filling out of the form.

When specifying the migration data, the authorities highlight the importance of correctly entering the passport number, while warning that, in the event of an erroneous filling of the passport, when going through migration the form will not be validated and you will have to complete it again.

In this section, the place of accommodation is specified. If it is a hotel, it must be identified and if the stay will be with a private individual, the address must be entered.

If the traveler will enter the country with a stopover, it must be identified with the names of the airports of the first flight, stopover, and the one in the Dominican Republic.

In the customs information section, a declaration of cash will be made if it exceeds $ 10,000 or its equivalent in other currencies, in addition to informing if the traveler owns the money or identifying the owner. It must be specified if it is entered with live animals, plants, food, or merchandise that is subject to the payment of taxes.

Health information will also be completed, specifying the countries visited in the last 30 days and if you have presented any of the symptoms described in the form in the last 72 hours. In the end, it will be reported if help was received for filling in the ticket, acceptance of the terms, and a QR code is saved that stores the information of the registered person and her companions.

In the case of departure registration, all the fields mentioned above are filled out, except for customs and health information. Nor will it be necessary to save the QR code.

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