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Dominican Republic is now the main exporter of cigars

In addition to its beaches and its culture, the Dominican Republic has sought to position itself as the main exporter of cigars in the world and has succeeded. If we were to ask any Dominican what a person who smokes is like, they would answer that they only smoke a good cigar, one that is mature and knows excellence.

With around 220 million cigars per year, the Dominican Republic is the leading exporter of cigars in the world. Followed by Nicaragua, Cuba and Honduras, which follow with sales of 170 million, 90 million and 70 million, respectively.

Cigarette export data

Data from the Export and Investment Center of the Dominican Republic (ProDominicana) indicate that cigar exports (cigars, blunt cigars and cigarillos, containing tobacco) in May 2022 totaled US$93.97 million, representing 9, 1% of the total. While, in gold, about US$82.84, 8.3% of the total exported.

Dominican cigar and tobacco exports in the 2016-2021 period have continued to grow from one year to the next, except in 2020, which had a minimum decrease of -0.52%, explained by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Between January and July 2022, 10.58% of the total exported, which is equivalent to USD 782.1 million. In terms of importance, gold was followed by cigarettes or cigars, which showed a participation of 8.08% of the total exported.

Among the main exported products of the agricultural sector, the activity of Tobacco and its derivatives stands out, occupying the second place in the number of established companies, grouping 16.5% of the total number of industries in operation (734). Some 121 companies dedicated to the manufacture of tobacco.

Tobacco industry, the largest generator of employment

The interest in the tobacco industry led to the approval of the incorporation of 24 new companies in the free zones dedicated to production.

This industry is the largest generator of employment, with 38,749 workers, for 21.1% of the total employed in the free zones. 60.3% of workers are female, 23,353.

Occupying the second place of the free zone companies with the highest volume of accumulated investment, with some US$1,288.9 million, 21.8%, of the total.

United States the largest importer of Dominican cigars

Dominican cigars travel the world, where among the main destination countries in the 2016-2021 period are the United States, Germany, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Honduras, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain and the Netherlands.

Only the United States market in 2021 occupied 81% of the total exports of Cigars and Tobacco.

In the first quarter of 2022, the main importer of cigarettes and tobacco was the United States with US$782.1 million.

The United States is the main trading partner of the Dominican Republic, representing 78.35% of cigarette and cigar exports.

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The main buyer of Dominican cigars is the United States, although currently, manufacturing companies are making significant efforts to also place their products in Europe.

Dominican Republic cigar exporter

Given the growth registered by the market, in addition to local tobacco production, it is necessary to import other types of tobacco, mostly from the Dominican Republic, which are part of the elaboration of the different types of cigars that are produced.

The excellence and renown of Dominican cigars have a good explanation, considering that the producers, especially those from the Cibao Valley, have been working with excellence on tobacco leaf for more than a century, with which to savor a good cigar accompanied of a glass of rum has become one of the most pleasant experiences for expert smokers.

Author: Lionel Paredes

Source: Online Plus


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